sign green-tick-with-man parking in telford

Improved safety

Illegal paking raises a number of safety issues, particuarly for disabled people in wheelchairs, parents with pushchairs, the visually impaired or those relying on walking aids.



Easier parking

How many times have we all been stuck for somewhere to park. Parking to pop to your local shops shouldnt be an issue but often is, simply because somebody has left their car in somewhere intended for short stay use and instead left it their for the day.



Fairer for everyone

Things should be fair for everyone. Currently though as we have no civil parking enforcement some drivers take advantage of this and park wherever they want for however long they want. This is unfair on other road users who then have diffuculty parking as a result.

green-tick-with-man green-tick-with-man green-tick-with-man

Improved parking by enforcement of parking restrictions helps the community as a whole fuction and also local business. It isn't about punishing people, it's about making it fair for everyone.