sign green-tick-with-man parking in telford

In 2004, the Government through the Traffic Management Act 2004 gave councils the option to assume parking enforcement powers from the police. In addition to this the local authority would be able to collect any fines which would go to the local authority rather than central government.


The majority of councils across the country were quick to take up this responsibility, but Telford & Wrekin Council did not. 12 years later, still nothing has been done. We are the only local authority to not have assumed these powers in the West Mercia area.


Everyone has suffered problems parking, caused by inconsiderate drivers who currently get away with parking where they want. Currently, because Telford & Wrekin Council did not adopt the policy it leaves it in the hands of our already overstretched Police to enforce.


Civil Parking Enforcement (CPE) is not there to make life difficult, it is there to ensure that all of us can park fairly.


The ParkinginTelford campaign has been initiated by the Telford & Wrekin Conservative Group, and has been backed by West Mercia's Police & Crime Commissioner, our two local MP's, the local Police Inspector for neighbourhood planning and a number of town and parish councils.


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